Seminar C.O.S.A.S

Right now, our world is changing in countless ways. We know these big changes can’t be stopped. Also, there’s a number of changes that is necessary. All this, of course, raises questions as to what the city of the future will look like. With our Seminar, we want to try and turn this question around. What do you think the city of the future will look like? What do you like about the city of today, and which things do you want to stay the same? What bothers you, which things do you hope will disappear?

We don’t go into this process empty handed. We use C.O.S.A.S. (City Of Sounds And Silence). A binaural soundscape in which, through sound, you are put in the middle of the city of the future. Through these sounds we ‘trigger’ the receiver’s imagination, and start a dialogue about our imagination.

It will immediately become clear that, although everyone hears the same sounds, each person’s resulting visualizations will differ enormously. These huge differences show why it’s so hard to visualize the city of the future. Our interpretations of reality differ enormously.

Still, we will try to collect the images we consider important, and so come to a sketch of the city of the future. Also, this information will provide input for the further development of the seminar and the sonic play. And so, the participants’ imagination becomes a true part of our new vision of the city of the future!

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Annemiek van Bentem on Stad en Co
“I was scared out of my wits when Urban Futures Studio played us a four minute sound clip of a possible future. With my eyes closed and headphones on, I heard the sound of tons of footsteps and chatter, a roof dat closed over a square and the clatter of a waterfall – suddenly, 2040 no longer sounded so peaceful.” 
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