Food, we take it for granted. Like water from the tap and a roof over your head, but what is our relationship to food? Or is having food such a matter of course to us, that we can’t even claim to have one? And is that a bad thing?

From these questions, Sun City started the Rauw Vlees (Raw Meat) project. A project in which students from the Sint Lucas Academie in Eindhoven create music videos for pop songs written and performed by Sun City.

The work is based on three themes that we recognize in our relationship with food: apathy, naivety and idleness. From these themes, several pop songs were written that explored the relationship with food.

This has led to a rich palette of songs, varying from very concrete songs, to more philosophical ones. The students were then free to think of and produce their visuals, which led to a palette of music videos equally broad, if not more so.

The following links show the fruits of this labor:

Youtube Channel