About us

Mission Statement

Sun City is a musical theater collective that creates performances, installations and music about the city of the future. A sustainable, post-fossil city. A utopian city, really, that takes into consideration the environment, the climate, and above all, people.

We want to show that city. Actually, we want to produce work that allows people to imagine that city themselves. We believe we have a ‘crisis of the imagination’ on our hands. That we are unable to imagine a life other than the one we now live. For fear of leaving something behind, without knowing what will replace it. We want to provide something to counter this: Inspiring views that enable faith in a sustainable future.

We do this by bringing our work to those places where they will have the most impact. Where the need for such inspiring views are greatest. Our work is always connected to its location, both in form and content.

In addition, Sun City is a platform for a wide array of artistic disciplines. We are always looking for exciting collaborations between artists, scientists and policy makers, and so attempt to work in a true transdisciplinary fashion.

Frank van Kasteren is a songwriter, guitar player and singer. In 2011 he graduates from the Conservatory of Amsterdam. He is a co-founder of indie label Silence du Monde, which counts among its artists Wooden Saints, Orlando and his solo project Elijah. In addition, he is a co-founder of the bands Sir James, Suncity II and Altstad. He is also a member of Het Nieuwe Lied, an Amsterdam guild of Dutch language songwriters.
Since his graduation, Frank has been very active in the world of theater. He is a member of theater companies Circus Treurdier and Orde van de Dag.

Ivo Schot studied at the Tilburg Rockacademy, and the Mannheim Popacademy. Since graduating in 2012, he’s been part of several projects in the fields of pop music, theater and interdisciplinary art. He is a co-founder of Sun City, SUiT, Nunki and Fortheloveofbass. He also plays with Danish singer-songwriter Subterranean Street Society. Besides playing in pop bands and composing for others, he focuses on creating work that is socially engaged. Within Sun City, Ivo wants to explore how, from his own artform, music, he can contribute to the city of the future, and its representation.

Jeek ten Velden is a director and dramatist. In 2010 he graduated from the Maastricht Drama Academy. He worked for musical theater company Orkater, where he directed the shows De Ongelukkige Dag and Een Bebop Verhaal. In addition, he is a director for many theater companies, and also directs bands and musicians. He also formed his own company, Akkers en Velden, along with actor Lourens van den Akker, which puts on a show once a year on location in Friesland.
With Sun City, his goal is to make art about the city of the future, in a post-fossil, sustainable world. As director, Jeek sees himself as a barometer for the times. He is a socially engaged director with a great love for musical theater and new repetoire.